PU - ROBUST Series

AXinkjet coding, marking and labeling printers are designed to satisfy all of the customer's needs. Printing units PU Robust Series are developed for very high-speed printing jobs and high-quality print demands including spot varnishing and multicolor single pass printing.

Printing solution designed for high-speed and high-quality demands

Introducing the PU - ROBUST


Especially designed to print on:

■ Leaflets and prospects
Envelopes and letters
Labels and stickers


■ Average printing speed with one color: up to 240 m/min
■ The highest print resolution: 600 x 1800 dpi
■ Printing width: up to 1600 mm
■ Type of ink: UV, UV LED, Solvent, Waterbase, Oil base
■ Ink activation: UV LED lamp / final activation UV lamp / IR lamp
■ Object loading by automatic loader or manually
■ Electric energy consumption: from 3,6 – 7.2 kWh (depends on width of the unit)
■ Operating software: AXprint


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