Axinkjet coding, marking and labeling printers are designed to satisfy all of the customer’s needs. Printing machines are developed for high-speed printing jobs and high-quality print demands.

The printer behaves as a standart network printer: 
– TCP/IP, IP adress, IPP printing protocol, PPD driver
– connencting through WIFI /LAN RJ-45
– compatible with standart OS (Windows, OS X, Linux)
– compatible with standart file formats

Administration and service support: 
– graphic user interface
– remote web interface (CUPS web interface)
– remote desktop (RDP / TeamViewer)

hardware: mini PC / nettop, touch screen monitor, mouse and keyboard
software: Linux, CUPS, GUI, print management software

– software uses and follows common used standarts (I/O, tools, formats of data files)

Technical solutions are designed to individual needs of specific customers.